In The News

Gies professor receives NSF grant to study technology on Wall Street

Mao Ye named Educator of the Year by Student Alumni Ambassadors (College of Business News, 5/2016)

Mao Ye weighs in on ‘Flash Boys’ (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/2014)

Thanks to Mao Ye, millions of hidden stock trades revealed (, 12/2013)

Mao Ye receives top honors for ‘groundbreaking, law-changing’ research (HPCwire, 11/2013)

Mao Ye: Public not privy to a chunk of stock trades (Forex, 10/2013)

Mao Ye: Public not privy to a chunk of stock trades (The Washington Post, 10/2013)

Mao Ye’s startling stock market discovery and its consequences (TRIB TOTAL MEDIA, 7/2013)

Two supercomputers crunched the data and concluded high frequency trading has “little impact on our lives” (Quartz,1/2013)

High-Frequency Stock Trading of Little Value to Investors (News Bureau|Illinois, 1/2013)

How the rapid speed of computerized stock trading may have little-understood, non-beneficial effects on the market (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, 11/2012)

Ye Making Sense of High Frequency Trading (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, 10/2012)

Using Supercomputers to Regulate High-Frequency Trading (Linux, 10/2012)

Using supercomputers to regulate how supercomputers buy and sell stocks (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), 10/2012)

Odd Lots Considered for Official Count of U.S. Trading Volume (Bloomberg, 9/2012)

Effects of Hidden Trades (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/2012)

With shared memory in Pittsburgh, XSEDE expands horizons for HPC research (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center,3/2012)

Supercomputer Used to Analyze NASDAQ Data for Market Manipulation (HPCwire, 3/2012)

SDSC’s ‘Gordon’ Supercomputer: Ready for Researchers (UC San Diego, 3/2012)

Whale-sized computer debuts at UCSD (U-T San Diego, 1/2012)

Ye Research Identifies Growth of Odd Lots in Market Volume (Traders Magazine, 10/2011)


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