In The News

Stock Market Trading Rules and Corporate Share Repurchases, NBER Digest

Gies professor receives NSF grant to study technology on Wall Street

Mao Ye named Educator of the Year by Student Alumni Ambassadors (College of Business News, 5/2016)

Mao Ye weighs in on ‘Flash Boys’ (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 4/2014)

Thanks to Mao Ye, millions of hidden stock trades revealed (, 12/2013)

Mao Ye receives top honors for ‘groundbreaking, law-changing’ research (HPCwire, 11/2013)

Mao Ye: Public not privy to a chunk of stock trades (Forex, 10/2013)

Mao Ye: Public not privy to a chunk of stock trades (The Washington Post, 10/2013)

Mao Ye’s startling stock market discovery and its consequences (TRIB TOTAL MEDIA, 7/2013)

Two supercomputers crunched the data and concluded high frequency trading has “little impact on our lives” (Quartz,1/2013)

High-Frequency Stock Trading of Little Value to Investors (News Bureau|Illinois, 1/2013)

How the rapid speed of computerized stock trading may have little-understood, non-beneficial effects on the market (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, 11/2012)

Ye Making Sense of High Frequency Trading (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, 10/2012)

Using Supercomputers to Regulate High-Frequency Trading (Linux, 10/2012)

Using supercomputers to regulate how supercomputers buy and sell stocks (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), 10/2012)

Odd Lots Considered for Official Count of U.S. Trading Volume (Bloomberg, 9/2012)

Effects of Hidden Trades (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/2012)

With shared memory in Pittsburgh, XSEDE expands horizons for HPC research (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center,3/2012)

Supercomputer Used to Analyze NASDAQ Data for Market Manipulation (HPCwire, 3/2012)

SDSC’s ‘Gordon’ Supercomputer: Ready for Researchers (UC San Diego, 3/2012)

Whale-sized computer debuts at UCSD (U-T San Diego, 1/2012)

Ye Research Identifies Growth of Odd Lots in Market Volume (Traders Magazine, 10/2011)


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