Grants and Awards

2016 Educator of the Year by Student Alumni Ambassadors
♦  This award was given by Student Alumni Ambassadors, the student arm of the University of Illinois Alumni Association, and the University of Illinois in conjunction with the Senior 100 Honorary Program.

2013-Present  Nano-finance, National Science Foundation ($255,851)
– National Science Foundation’s XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) program
♦  Pittsburg Supercomputer Center: 1,250,000 Service Units from Blacklight supercomputer and Staff support from Anirban Jana and David O’Neal
♦  San Diego Supercomputer Center: 2,000,000 service units from Gordon supercomputer and staff support from Robert Sinkovits

2013  Reserving and Utilizing Historical Trading Data of the New York Stock Exchange from 1818-1952, University of Illinois Research Board Award and College of Business BEBR/Office of Research Fund

2012  The Lost World Systematic Truncation of Current Financial Data and Its Impact on Research and Policy Making , National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment

2009-2010 NASDAQ OMX Education Foundation, $15,000 for “Price Discovery and Liquidity in a Fragmented Stock Market”




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